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Who knows better than Jim Crawford, a successful real estate agent, REALTOR, and broker associate? Jim is the real estate tech, web, and internet speaker that is actively buying and selling real estate from the Internet every day! Jim and Ellen are a husband and wife team in North Atlanta that earn most of their business from the Internet! So Jim is in a better position than most speakers in our real estate Internet field today to advise others to position themselves for success. With over 87 % of all real estate sale starting the selling process on the Internet, doesn’t it make sense to use a speaker that is actually earning a living from the Internet? Unlike other real estate speakers that sold before the Internet was even invented, Jim is actively buying and selling on the web since the 1996. So he is in a better position to offer real advice, because their web success isn’t theory it is a reality!

Having a real estate Tech Coach or trainer sounds a bit extravagant, but is it really? Everyday we pay top dollar for personal trainers to take our bodies to a new physical level at the gym, and in our diets and recreational activities. Why? So we can be our best, and achieve optimal performance! In our corporate world today, we also employ consultants and professionals for their expertise, and pay them by the hour for it! It is a way of life. As REALTORS® we fly half way across the country at great expense to listen to an interesting speaker at a real estate seminar or convention in the hopes that it will take your personal business to new levels, but does it?

So why not with the Internet? Why not use a coach that is actually has knowledge and is producing income from the web? While other trainers teach what they’ve never applied to their business and sell you on their skill… the truth is.. they’ve never sold from the Internet! How can you learn from them? Do you want to expand and grow your real estate Internet business? Can your broker or webmaster advise you about the Internet? If they don’t have the answers, who does? Has the money you’ve invested in your web marketing made a difference, and has it made your web site a success, or do you just have a website and a few domain names like everyone else? Wouldn’t if be great if it actually worked, and generated real leads lead to closed sales? What a concept! So we now see that understanding the basic concepts of the Internet are one thing, and making money is another. Well, we have those skills. 

As a real estate agent, I recognized the potential for doing a better web business is unlimited, and the opportunities abound, but I have to temper my expectations with my own limitations with reality.
It is not important that to understand all there is to know about the Internet, and web marketing, but you must be able to see the big picture and act accordingly. It’s important to develop a balance in your marketing approach.  This insight is the knowledge that is needed to take your web business to the next level. The rules on the Internet change daily, so you must acquire a basic knowledge to succeed, and build upon it!

As the ‘rainmaker” of our team, we derive most of our income from the Internet. So our experience, and knowledge enables us to fine tune our marketing efforts, and hone in on target groups. It is a major advantage that allows us to profit from this edge we have over the competition! With knowledge you may also seize opportunity, make a better income, and avoid failure. 

So what about you? Do you need coaching for your real estate web?  To admit you need coaching, is not admitting failure. It simply acknowledges that you are taking inventory, and you need to evaluate your assets, and liabilities. We can always do better, and increase our productivity. So coaching will not hurt anyone, but rather compliments your current skills, and sets your real estate career in a profitable direction. The application of the knowledge allows you to achieve your goals, and earn more when you apply new productivity skills to your Internet marketing plan. 

So, before you go out and purchase a new website, or leap into an extravagant web undertaking, you need to honestly ask yourself a few basic questions about you web site:

  • How many deals a year do you attribute to your Internet marketing?

  • What is your web focus? Your niche?

  • How many daily leads do you receive? How do you follow up?

  • Do you have a response system in place? What is it?

  • Whom are you targeting as your viewer audience?

  • Are web strategies in place? Do you have anyone to advise you?

  • Do you want to take your real estate web business up a notch?

  • Do you have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals?

  • How will you implement your plan? Who will guide you?

  • When will your web start producing desired results?

  • Do you need a Real Estate Tech Coach?