WordPress Photo Plugin for Slide Show

WordPress Photo Plugin for Photo Slide Show

WordPress Photo Plugin. I recently was looking for a way to display photos on my WordPress Blogs / websites, and I found a great little slideshow generator that was easy to use, install and had some great features . The WordPress Plug-In called “oQey Gallery” I used it create a photo blog with some pictures I’d taken in Cumming Georgia Called “Cumming GA Photos Slide Show – Cumming Georgia Photographs!” What I like most was that the gallery slideshow was easy to install, it was free, I could customize the display, caption, and the size of the display.  Let me know what your thoughts are of if you have any other WordPress slideshow that you use and what are its features.   

WordPress Slide Show PlugIn

Cumming GA Photos and Slideshow

There are many choices for displaying your real estate photos on a slide show or gallery on your real estate website or WordPress Blog, but choose carefully.  Some of these plugins have great features, but keep in mind they may not be compatible with some viewer’s browsers and that can cost you business! Two of the other side shows I ‘ve used are “SlideDeck” and “Wow Slider”!