Successful Real Estate Web Marketing on the Web

Successful Real Estate Marketing on the Web

Success on the webSuccessful Real Estate Marketing on the Web.  Loads of real estate agents e-mail me everyday asking how on they get their website to the top of the search engines so they too can be successful in real estate. That is a tricky question, because the person asking this should first understands the nature of real estate, and sales. First of all web placement or SEO that gets you on page 1 or 2 does not make anyone a success in real estate.  No more than getting immense leads from a giant marketing campaign. First a plan needs to be developed, and then it takes the ability to grade hot and colds leads – sort them, and close the hot ones!  Nurture the cool ones, and drop the cold ones.  Since over 100% of our income comes from the Internet each year… I care enough about web business and real estate to understand what needs to take place. Making a profit on a real estate website is easy money if you do!  Think about real estate possibilities. No more cold calling, no more mailing postcards, postage, ads, classifieds, magazine ads, publication deadlines etc…

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  4. Strategizing for Internet Profit In Real Estate – Part II

Unless you do not care about creating a stream of income that is better than all the other prospecting, sphere of influence leads and the rest. The Internet is ON 24/7/365 GLOBALLY!  Yes web position changes all the time, but it takes continuous knowledge to meet the change and stay on top.  But it is worth it, and it can be done cheaply and can create an incredible stream of income!


Choosing the Best Real Estate Domain Name

Choose the Best Real Estate Domain Name

Choosing the best real estate domain name always can be an issue.  Since I purchased and owned several hundred real estate domain names over the years I can easily tell you what worked for me and what was a flop!  Choosing the best real estate domain names can always raise issues.  There always loads of questions that I receive daily from real estate agents about buying the right real estate domain name for their real estate website or WordPress Blog, and so I developed a short list below of articles that best explain what you need to know. The real estate domain name you choose will brand your image, identify your market place or claim the niche market as your own.  You can choose your own name, cityluxuryhomes(dot)com, cityequestrianestates(dot)com or whatever you choose.  So choose your real estate domain name carefully! So browse the list of article below as you start your domain name hunting process!