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Real Estate Mastermind Groups

Real estate mastermind groupsReal estate mastermind groups – do you belong to one?  I guess the thing that I know that is most responsible for my success in real estate is that years ago I was asked to join a real estate mastermind group. I thnk God I did!  I can honestly say that I owe much of my success to joining that group!  Nowadays, I belong to several masterminds, both local and national.  Since the real estate field is highly competitive, agents in ones own office are least likely to compare or share real notes on what they do to increase their competitive edge, and close more business.  Why?  Because you are the competition!  In fact if you are in a high producing office, all the agents are most likely to be competing for the same listing or buyer.  It isn’t unusual at all!  So if they will not share specifics on how to do things, and allow you to see their real inner workings – then how are you to succeed?

The answer is to join, create or get yourself invited to a mastermind group.  Why?  Because a real estate agent or broker in San Francisco is not going to be an immediate threat to a real estate agent in Charlotte NC!  So if we share marketing ideas, and each benefit we stand a better chance of referring business to one another, or mention your name to another agent in the office that has a clients with real estate needs in your area.  Think of it as a get pay as you learn project.  The concept is very beneficial to all.  It allows a sharing of ideas, experiences, and brain storming sessions that allow us to think outside the box.  It is collaborative experience that allows you to break through the glass ceiling and achieve a level of production not dreamed about before.  The synergy is also so inspiring it challenges you to be your personal best.

Forming A Real Estate Mastermind Group
by Jim Crawford