Successful Real Estate Websites Are Easily Found on the Internet

Real Estate Websites Web Postition Matters

I find the number one thing that makes a real estate website successful is that it has to be found easily on the search engines with consumer terms.  I prefer to use terms like “Atlanta Homes For Sale!” rather than “Atlanta Real Estate.” I am more concerned that a consumer find our site by looking for Atlanta SAT Scores on a Google search and showing up on page 1.  Not industry terms.  If a site cannot be found by the consumer there are dire cosequenses for the agent!  It is like not having a real estate website at all, and that is like the atheist at a funeral…all dressed up with no place to go.  In other words, if a site cannot be found, it has no value.  A website needs to be found on page 1 of any consumer query.  If not, it does not offer service to the seller trying to sell, or the buyer looking to buy a home. We have to ask ourselves will the consumer use generic terms like “real estate?”  Or will they use terms that relate to a local market as in using the names of various subdivisions?  If the consumer finds a real estate website, likes what he /she finds but is turned off by filling out forms?  Or will a cumbersome IDX search ruin the consumer experience?  Success on the Internet is really a strategy.  Success on the cannot be purchased it is a thought out event.  Since I activley buy and sell real estate, and mostly from the Internet, I have to constantly revise my Internet marketing ideas.

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Jim Crawford