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I find the number one thing that makes a real estate website successful is that it has to be found easily on the search engines with consumer terms.  I prefer to use terms like “Atlanta Homes For Sale!” rather than “Atlanta Real Estate.” I am more concerned that a consumer find our site by looking for Atlanta SAT Scores on a Google search and showing up on page 1.  Not industry terms.  If a site cannot be found by the consumer there are dire cosequenses for the agent!  It is like not having a real estate website at all, and that is like the atheist at a funeral…all dressed up with no place to go.  In other words, if a site cannot be found, it has no value.  A website needs to be found on page 1 of any consumer query.  If not, it does not offer service to the seller trying to sell, or the buyer looking to buy a home. We have to ask ourselves will the consumer use generic terms like “real estate?”  Or will they use terms that relate to a local market as in using the names of various subdivisions?  If the consumer finds a real estate website, likes what he /she finds but is turned off by filling out forms?  Or will a cumbersome IDX search ruin the consumer experience?  Success on the Internet is really a strategy.  Success on the cannot be purchased it is a thought out event.  Since I activley buy and sell real estate, and mostly from the Internet, I have to constantly revise my Internet marketing ideas.

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Jim Crawford


Successful Real Estate Web Marketing on the Web

Successful Real Estate Marketing on the Web

Success on the webSuccessful Real Estate Marketing on the Web.  Loads of real estate agents e-mail me everyday asking how on they get their website to the top of the search engines so they too can be successful in real estate. That is a tricky question, because the person asking this should first understands the nature of real estate, and sales. First of all web placement or SEO that gets you on page 1 or 2 does not make anyone a success in real estate.  No more than getting immense leads from a giant marketing campaign. First a plan needs to be developed, and then it takes the ability to grade hot and colds leads – sort them, and close the hot ones!  Nurture the cool ones, and drop the cold ones.  Since over 100% of our income comes from the Internet each year… I care enough about web business and real estate to understand what needs to take place. Making a profit on a real estate website is easy money if you do!  Think about real estate possibilities. No more cold calling, no more mailing postcards, postage, ads, classifieds, magazine ads, publication deadlines etc…

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Unless you do not care about creating a stream of income that is better than all the other prospecting, sphere of influence leads and the rest. The Internet is ON 24/7/365 GLOBALLY!  Yes web position changes all the time, but it takes continuous knowledge to meet the change and stay on top.  But it is worth it, and it can be done cheaply and can create an incredible stream of income!