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I Love Real Estate as a Career

By Jim Crawford Real Estate Speaker and Trainer

I Love Real Estate as a Career

When you think about it, real estate is one of the most rewarding careers professions a person could ever have.  We do not have to get into the car and commute during normal work hours.  We are not strictly set into working a 9-5 job, hitting a time clock. I can own my own business, but I do not have to buy stock that can go bad or spoil.  We earn from selling the possession of others so we do not have to pay for merchandise or inventory.  As a successful real estate agent, our return in business is based upon our willingness to work for the goals and achieve our dreams and the dreams of others!  A real estate career affords us a lot of freedom we budget our time correctly, who we spend it with, where we work, with whom we work, and the terms on which we work.  In real estate there are unlimited potential for earnings.  We’re not limited to a negotiated annual raise, paid holidays, hospitalization.  We also get to choose the tools and technology we work with.  As independent sub contractors we are in control of our destiny, and free to plan our daily schedule as we see fit.  But when we look back over our shoulders in a career of real estate…it is easy to see how blessed we are.  The benefits do not have to be placed in dollars or million dollar clubs, or designations.  The blessings could be measured in more time to spend with children, attending baseball games and concerts.  Being there when it really counts, and not having to ask the boss for the time off.  However, with such freedoms there is also great responsibilities.  There is no workman’s comp, no guaranteed wages, no health benefits.  But when you do achieve, there is so much more to life.  Once the training wheels of life are off, you earn so much more! That was the biggest obstacle to overcome in real estate.  There is no safety net.  One has to believe it will work, work towards that goal!

Real estate allows those that participate in it as a profession…affords opportunities that one could never dream of.  Sending a child to private school, being a stay at home parent, taking care of a sick relative or loved one when they need you, and so much more!  Real estate is truly the best job one could have ever hoped to have! I feel grateful to God for the opportunities that it has afforded my family and I.  Real estate is truly a blessed career, and I am glad that is what I do!

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Deceptive Real Estate Websites and Blogs | Abusive Stealth Marketing

Deceptive Real Estate Websites and Blogs | Abusive Stealth Marketing

Real Estate Blind sites and unbranded stealth websites or blogs

As I search the Internet everyday looking at real estate sites and Word Press Blogs, it is amazes me what you will find!  On many sites it is impossible to tell if the owner of the website or Blog is a licensed real estate agent or broker.  The names of the licensed agent / broker, address of the brokers, nor the state the licensed real estate company is in is no where to be found anywhere!  This includes phone numbers.  This is what is called a “Blind Site!”  You cannot tell who owns or operates the site!  For the most part these sites nationally operate outside the real estate license laws!  What they do is illegal! Most states require real estate licensees to identifying themselves by their licensed name, license numbers broker, broker’s address and perhaps phone number.   The requirements will vary from state to state but the idea is similar!  The state does not want the public to be misled!  For more information check your states real estate commissions guidelines, and your Realtor code of ethics.

These bold agents that think they are clever area really criminal in their deceptive practices.  They take the term “BLIND SITE” or unbranded websites to a new level!  An example of this is an agent or national marketer that operates a “FOR SALE BY OWNER SITE” that markets a mix of MLS listings and BY OWNERS, yet never mentions anywhere in site the agents or brokers name or that they are licensed-to-do business under a broker licensed in the state. Another example is that of a leads generator in an unbranded site! That is highly illegal!  Another most probably illegal practice that violates real estate license law in many states… is high profiled agents branded sites that are very well placed at the tops of the search engines, however in a million years you cannot tell who the agent is licensed with! Their company is nowhere to be found.  Anyone that sells real estate or received real estate commissions as a referral should be licensed.  So this type of behavior is not very smart! I hope for the agents sake and brokers sake that their personal marketing adviser is familiar with their state real estate license law! Some may view branding as bringing out ones creative side, others view it as a violation of law, and non compliance with state real estate licenses law.

Most state real estate licensure require identification with your licensed broker, the address and city you are licensed, and the office phone number.  Brokers are ultimately for reviewing all advertising, but they have totally ignored reviewing their agent sites. 

Example: It is very easy to find out who owns a website easily, and if they are licensed in your state.  Let’s use www.Godaddy.com for the experiment because it is easy to find domain ownership. Start by copying and pasting the domain name of any real estate site,  and then viewing ownership of the site!  Search for a domain names for sale, when it says the name is not available, www.XXX.COM is not available (please click here for info) If they have not hidden their ownership, it will show the name of the website owner. For more information check your states real estate commissions guidelines for compliance, and feel free to review my article below.

Do You Identify Your Broker, Your Licensure On Your Website?” – by Jim Crawford

Jim Crawford is a real estate speaker and trainer for real estate Internet marketing.

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Real Estate Coach – Jim Crawford

Real Estate Coach for Technology and Internet – Jim Crawford

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Who knows better than Jim Crawford, a successful real estate agent, REALTOR, and broker associate? Jim is the real estate tech, web, and internet speaker that is actively buying and selling real estate from the Internet every day! Jim and Ellen are a husband and wife team in North Atlanta that earn most of their business from the Internet! So Jim is in a better position than most speakers in our real estate Internet field today to advise others to position themselves for success. With over 87 % of all real estate sale starting the selling process on the Internet, doesn’t it make sense to use a speaker that is actually earning a living from the Internet? Unlike other real estate speakers that sold before the Internet was even invented, Jim is actively buying and selling on the web since the 1996. So he is in a better position to offer real advice, because their web success isn’t theory it is a reality!

Having a real estate Tech Coach or trainer sounds a bit extravagant, but is it really? Everyday we pay top dollar for personal trainers to take our bodies to a new physical level at the gym, and in our diets and recreational activities. Why? So we can be our best, and achieve optimal performance! In our corporate world today, we also employ consultants and professionals for their expertise, and pay them by the hour for it! It is a way of life. As REALTORS® we fly half way across the country at great expense to listen to an interesting speaker at a real estate seminar or convention in the hopes that it will take your personal business to new levels, but does it?

So why not with the Internet? Why not use a coach that is actually has knowledge and is producing income from the web? While other trainers teach what they’ve never applied to their business and sell you on their skill… the truth is.. they’ve never sold from the Internet! How can you learn from them? Do you want to expand and grow your real estate Internet business? Can your broker or webmaster advise you about the Internet? If they don’t have the answers, who does? Has the money you’ve invested in your web marketing made a difference, and has it made your web site a success, or do you just have a website and a few domain names like everyone else? Wouldn’t if be great if it actually worked, and generated real leads lead to closed sales? What a concept! So we now see that understanding the basic concepts of the Internet are one thing, and making money is another. Well, we have those skills. 

As a real estate agent, I recognized the potential for doing a better web business is unlimited, and the opportunities abound, but I have to temper my expectations with my own limitations with reality.
It is not important that to understand all there is to know about the Internet, and web marketing, but you must be able to see the big picture and act accordingly. It’s important to develop a balance in your marketing approach.  This insight is the knowledge that is needed to take your web business to the next level. The rules on the Internet change daily, so you must acquire a basic knowledge to succeed, and build upon it!

As the ‘rainmaker” of our team, we derive most of our income from the Internet. So our experience, and knowledge enables us to fine tune our marketing efforts, and hone in on target groups. It is a major advantage that allows us to profit from this edge we have over the competition! With knowledge you may also seize opportunity, make a better income, and avoid failure. 

So what about you? Do you need coaching for your real estate web?  To admit you need coaching, is not admitting failure. It simply acknowledges that you are taking inventory, and you need to evaluate your assets, and liabilities. We can always do better, and increase our productivity. So coaching will not hurt anyone, but rather compliments your current skills, and sets your real estate career in a profitable direction. The application of the knowledge allows you to achieve your goals, and earn more when you apply new productivity skills to your Internet marketing plan. 

So, before you go out and purchase a new website, or leap into an extravagant web undertaking, you need to honestly ask yourself a few basic questions about you web site:

  • How many deals a year do you attribute to your Internet marketing?

  • What is your web focus? Your niche?

  • How many daily leads do you receive? How do you follow up?

  • Do you have a response system in place? What is it?

  • Whom are you targeting as your viewer audience?

  • Are web strategies in place? Do you have anyone to advise you?

  • Do you want to take your real estate web business up a notch?

  • Do you have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals?

  • How will you implement your plan? Who will guide you?

  • When will your web start producing desired results?

  • Do you need a Real Estate Tech Coach?


Successful Real Estate Websites Are Easily Found on the Internet

Real Estate Websites Web Postition Matters

I find the number one thing that makes a real estate website successful is that it has to be found easily on the search engines with consumer terms.  I prefer to use terms like “Atlanta Homes For Sale!” rather than “Atlanta Real Estate.” I am more concerned that a consumer find our site by looking for Atlanta SAT Scores on a Google search and showing up on page 1.  Not industry terms.  If a site cannot be found by the consumer there are dire cosequenses for the agent!  It is like not having a real estate website at all, and that is like the atheist at a funeral…all dressed up with no place to go.  In other words, if a site cannot be found, it has no value.  A website needs to be found on page 1 of any consumer query.  If not, it does not offer service to the seller trying to sell, or the buyer looking to buy a home. We have to ask ourselves will the consumer use generic terms like “real estate?”  Or will they use terms that relate to a local market as in using the names of various subdivisions?  If the consumer finds a real estate website, likes what he /she finds but is turned off by filling out forms?  Or will a cumbersome IDX search ruin the consumer experience?  Success on the Internet is really a strategy.  Success on the cannot be purchased it is a thought out event.  Since I activley buy and sell real estate, and mostly from the Internet, I have to constantly revise my Internet marketing ideas.

  1. Strategizing for Internet Profits In Real Estate
  2. Strategizing for Internet Profit In Real Estate – Part II

Jim Crawford


Real Estate Mastermind Groups Join One or Start One

Real Estate Mastermind Groups

Real estate mastermind groupsReal estate mastermind groups – do you belong to one?  I guess the thing that I know that is most responsible for my success in real estate is that years ago I was asked to join a real estate mastermind group. I thnk God I did!  I can honestly say that I owe much of my success to joining that group!  Nowadays, I belong to several masterminds, both local and national.  Since the real estate field is highly competitive, agents in ones own office are least likely to compare or share real notes on what they do to increase their competitive edge, and close more business.  Why?  Because you are the competition!  In fact if you are in a high producing office, all the agents are most likely to be competing for the same listing or buyer.  It isn’t unusual at all!  So if they will not share specifics on how to do things, and allow you to see their real inner workings – then how are you to succeed?

The answer is to join, create or get yourself invited to a mastermind group.  Why?  Because a real estate agent or broker in San Francisco is not going to be an immediate threat to a real estate agent in Charlotte NC!  So if we share marketing ideas, and each benefit we stand a better chance of referring business to one another, or mention your name to another agent in the office that has a clients with real estate needs in your area.  Think of it as a get pay as you learn project.  The concept is very beneficial to all.  It allows a sharing of ideas, experiences, and brain storming sessions that allow us to think outside the box.  It is collaborative experience that allows you to break through the glass ceiling and achieve a level of production not dreamed about before.  The synergy is also so inspiring it challenges you to be your personal best.

Forming A Real Estate Mastermind Group
by Jim Crawford


About Jim Crawford

Jim Crawford Real Estate Speaker

Welcome to Jim’s “Real Estate Tech Coach site!”

Jim Crawford Real Estate SpeakerReal Estate Speaker Jim Crawford is an nationally acclaimed real estate speaker for Internet, key note speaker for real estate conventions, REBAR Camps, real estate tech conferences and seminars. Jim is a motivational lecturer, real estate columnist, real estate speaker, real estate trainer, technology trainer, and real estate tech coach. Have Jim as your real estate speaker at your next real estate seminar, real estate speaking engagement, real estate retreat, real estate convention or real estate Internet coaching session. As a full time successful real estate agent, who knows more about real estate coaching on the Internet and web than Jim Crawford?

Jim shares loads of invaluable online tools for real estate professionals, top scripts, real estate articles, and ideas that lead to Jim’s real estate success on the Internet! On this website, find real estate web tools for REALTORS, online ideas, agents, real estate technology tips, search engine optimization, Page Rank, building partnerships, and general real estate web and Internet information! Learn from master real estate webmaster, speaker trainer and real estate coach Jim Crawford. Find useful real estate tips and articles for increasing your closed real estate sales by closing your Internet leads. Learn the latest technology ideas to add and grow your online real estate business. Educate yourself about real estate web positioning, web optimization for your real estate web business. Learn about web optimization, and search engine optimization so that higher placement you will get more Internet leads. Read Jim’s real estate articles that offer practical solutions for the real estate professional, here you can find html scripts, downloads, web page content, and day to day practical real estate productivity ideas from real estate speaker, trainer, Tech and Internet Coach Jim Crawford.

These practical real estate coaching ideas will grow your online real estate practice! Jim Crawford offers common sense solutions at his real estate coaching seminars that can be easily applied to ensure a successful real estate career! Jim has been in the real estate industry for many years, and is still active buying, and selling. Where other real estate seminars, and real estate speakers quote their experience in real estate, the Internet, web, and technology, none have been actively selling since the advent of the Internet, technology, and email. So how can they share expertise of areas that they have no, or little knowledge?

Meet internationally known and acclaimed real estate Internet speaker, lecturer, real estate trainer, real estate web consultant, real estate web coach, and real estate Tech Coach, Jim Crawford! He is a noted real estate web expert, real estate lecturer, real estate Internet instructor, real estate web and Internet, consultant, real estate columnist, and successful Broker Associate, real estate agent and REALTOR®. Topics include: Strategies for a profitable real estate website, maximizing your visibility on the web online lead generation and farming, web optimization, web visibility and so much more.

Real estate trainer, coach, and real estate speaker Jim Crawford shares his insights on technology and internet in: articles, and tips for a successful real estate career with his free information on this real estate site. Since the internet can be the most productive lead and prospect generator in real estate if you know how to use it, Jim the Real Estate Tech coach shows you how to maximize your use of it for successful career in real estate by practical application. With over 80% of Jim and Ellen’s production comes from the web each year, no one knows more than Jim Crawford that the Internet is the most most efficient real estate Internet farming tool ever created! However, since most real estate agents and brokers do not understand how the Internet or Technology works, I share my practical solutions and real estate resources for success. The Real Estate Tech Coach site can help you grow your online real estate web business with online tutorials, real estate articles, online real estate tips and by hearing real estate trainer and coach Jim Crawford speak in one of his real estate seminars in person!

The secret is to success on the web is not about having a fancy website, or latest technology…it’s all about closing more real estate deals, doing more real estate sales, selling more homes, listing homes, generating quality leads, and identifying more buyer and seller prospects. It is about making more money, and closing more sides isn’t it? We have to move past the idea it is just about generating more internet hits from your real estate web site, and move to more closed transactions.  

There is more to being successful on the Net than owning a site. It has to be generating real income. So, with the experience of Jim Crawford the “Real Estate Tech Coach,” learn how you can achieve new higher levels of productivity in your real estate web business through Jim’s “Success on the Internet Plan!” Learn about Internet farming, web leads generation, and effective lead follow up. If you do, you’ll list more homes, and sell more buyers! Learn how to maximize your web site with state-of-the-art online real estate marketing tools, and techniques that have made Internet Pro Jim Crawford a success on the web.

I personally designed the Real Estate Tech Coach Internet tutorial site as a resource center. It’s also a great place for the novice in real estate, or the seasoned real estate agent or broker that needs advanced coaching ideas to find out how to make their website more productive, email management, follow up leads, use eye catching scripts and understand how Internet applies to real estate. You can even learn about Feng Shui for real estate. Learn how to employ successful ideas that work, or where you can attend one of my real estate motivational internet speaker and web seminars.

Jim Crawford Real Estate Speaker and Trainer

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