Choosing the Best Real Estate Domain Name

Choose the Best Real Estate Domain Name

Choosing the best real estate domain name always can be an issue.  Since I purchased and owned several hundred real estate domain names over the years I can easily tell you what worked for me and what was a flop!  Choosing the best real estate domain names can always raise issues.  There always loads of questions that I receive daily from real estate agents about buying the right real estate domain name for their real estate website or WordPress Blog, and so I developed a short list below of articles that best explain what you need to know. The real estate domain name you choose will brand your image, identify your market place or claim the niche market as your own.  You can choose your own name, cityluxuryhomes(dot)com, cityequestrianestates(dot)com or whatever you choose.  So choose your real estate domain name carefully! So browse the list of article below as you start your domain name hunting process!


Real Estate Domain Names Buy Domain Name for Real Estate Websites

Real Estate Domain Names Buy Domain Name for Real Estate Websites

buying real estate domains namesReal Estate Domain Names Buy Domain Name for Real Estate.  Buying a domain name for your real estate business or pleasure?  Choose carefully and do a lot of research before you buy a domain name, because there is a lot of power in a good domain name if you choose correctly.  A great domain name that is keyword rich can boost your online visibility and web SEO ranking.  Personally, I’m a big fan of the Internet and own over 200 domain names 60 of which are active websites or Blogs, and together they account for 100% of my business income.  Before I purchase a domain name, I create a notepad text file, and when I see something I like, I copy and paste the names and save them all together, and then I set them aside for a little while and mull them over.  After a while some names really stand out.  I think it is wise not to purchase a real estate domain name on impulse or whim. Over the years I have come up with a few rules I adhere to when buying a domain name, I’ve listed them below.

  • Brainstorm first and come up with lots of ideas – write them all down!
  • A domain names should be easy to spell and easy to remember.
  • A great domain name should relate to your business or audience.
  • It should not violate copyright laws.
  • Always buy a .Com for a website or Blog.
  • Branding – consider carefully the words that you need contained in the domain name.
  • Never buy a hyphenated domain name
  • Purchase keyword rich domain names – example:
  • The shorter the domain name the better
  • Never use numbers as a substitute for words example:
  • For SEO purposes never buy a domain name that has your name if you are trying to sell homes.
  • Is the domain name easy to remember?
  • Purchase them at reputable sites: Godaddy, enom etc…