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I Love Real Estate as a Career

By Jim Crawford Real Estate Speaker and Trainer

I Love Real Estate as a Career

When you think about it, real estate is one of the most rewarding careers professions a person could ever have.  We do not have to get into the car and commute during normal work hours.  We are not strictly set into working a 9-5 job, hitting a time clock. I can own my own business, but I do not have to buy stock that can go bad or spoil.  We earn from selling the possession of others so we do not have to pay for merchandise or inventory.  As a successful real estate agent, our return in business is based upon our willingness to work for the goals and achieve our dreams and the dreams of others!  A real estate career affords us a lot of freedom we budget our time correctly, who we spend it with, where we work, with whom we work, and the terms on which we work.  In real estate there are unlimited potential for earnings.  We’re not limited to a negotiated annual raise, paid holidays, hospitalization.  We also get to choose the tools and technology we work with.  As independent sub contractors we are in control of our destiny, and free to plan our daily schedule as we see fit.  But when we look back over our shoulders in a career of real estate…it is easy to see how blessed we are.  The benefits do not have to be placed in dollars or million dollar clubs, or designations.  The blessings could be measured in more time to spend with children, attending baseball games and concerts.  Being there when it really counts, and not having to ask the boss for the time off.  However, with such freedoms there is also great responsibilities.  There is no workman’s comp, no guaranteed wages, no health benefits.  But when you do achieve, there is so much more to life.  Once the training wheels of life are off, you earn so much more! That was the biggest obstacle to overcome in real estate.  There is no safety net.  One has to believe it will work, work towards that goal!

Real estate allows those that participate in it as a profession…affords opportunities that one could never dream of.  Sending a child to private school, being a stay at home parent, taking care of a sick relative or loved one when they need you, and so much more!  Real estate is truly the best job one could have ever hoped to have! I feel grateful to God for the opportunities that it has afforded my family and I.  Real estate is truly a blessed career, and I am glad that is what I do!

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